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photo booth 

Add a personal touch to your corporate events with our modern photo booth. Customize with backgrounds and props. Our easy-to-use booth offers instant photo sharing, allowing employees to capture unforgettable moments and have fun. Make your event an occasion to celebrate and entertain like never before with your company's photo booth.


360 video booth

Watch the robotic arm of our video booth spin to capture everyangle of your guests while stitching content together to creat one of kind videos.

Bullet time

take a moment in your guests’ experience and create a fun 3D animation. Using well-placed cameras for a 180-degree angle, your guests will be dancing, jumping, and throwing confetti, and we will capture a split second of the fun, creating a shareable and unique boomerang/gif.


Classic photo booth

If you want a professional, simple photo session, the Classic Photo Booth is your chamber of memories and definitely your first option. With its elegant and graceful setup, efficient high-quality service with images that come with a backdrop of your own choice!

Digital mosaic

Now you can let your guests capture 150 images for themes to form the big image yourself, and your team can present it digitally.

digital Mosaic.png


The green screen lets you have one or more branded or “far-out” backgrounds without the expense, time, and logistics of having a custom backdrop printed and shipped.

Magic mirror

This awesome Booth takes your selfie experience to a whole new level, loaded with all modern features, various frames, and your own customized logo or design.

old mirror.jpg

Digital magazine

Get featured on the Digital Magazine Cover page! With complete customization on the designs & sharing option, Create your own magazine with
high quality HD pics. it's the most unique entertaining option to try at your next event!

360 drone

At first glance, this device captures everyone attention. It is designed to take a thorough video of you from the top and from every side.


Tower photo booth

Our Tower Photo Booth is an all-in-one practical device that allows you to behold moments in your hands. It comes with customizable features that will fully entertain everyone at your event.

Vogue booth

A real studio built for your event! This video booth is the perfect way to create optimized content to increase your impact on social media.

Vogue booth.png

Air-graffiti photo

Our Digital Graffiti Wall is a unique, interactive way
to create a huge buzz at your next event. Audiences gather to watch participants pose for a photo and then use realistic spray paint cans to color and personalize their picture with digital stickers to create images with Snapchat filters, Bitmojis, and other fun add-ons!

Sling shot

The Interactive Slingshot is programmed to project a message onto a wall. The user
holds the Y-shaped frame in one hand and types their message onto a touch screen with the other. Then, they pull back on the rubber band and essentially ‘sling’ their message across the room where it magically ‘splats’ (or is written) on the wall via the projector.


Magazine photo booth

Because we take your fun seriously, with us, you can be a celebrity, an entrepreneur, or a fashion model with our inventive Magazine Photo Booth that comes in many, creative designated covers. The full outcome picture is you on a cover of a magazine of your own brand and design.

Vintage photo booth

Taking multiple photos together in an old-fashioned way has never been cooler than in this vintage booth.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 08.52.25.jpg
i pad.png

Ipad photo booyt

ipad is most powerful Photo Booth software yet. Unlock the potential of the incredible processing power of the iPad to create visually stunning photos, videos and GIFs.

Hollywood  booth

Stop talking about luxury, and start living it! Our Hollywood Photo Booth gives you the festival vibes your guests' needs. With the extra lighting and the red carpet, you can feel like a Hollywood star while having your classy snap in a flash.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 11.58.23.jpg

Upside photo booth

Interactive upside-down rooms for a unique experience; you just have to shout 'wow'!

Mosaic photo booth

A wall of your images is combined to reveal a bigger picture once completed. Each smaller image is printed as a sticker, and guests will interact to stick it on the wall in its corresponding place. Once completed, the grand design is unraveled.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-25 at 6.29.50 AM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 10.59.12.jpg

Traditional  booth

It's about civilizations, and this design is for the national occasion and shows the traditional middle eastern look.

the Truck

There is nothing like this amazing bus!
We are ready here to take the excitement to the absolute next level.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 10.59_edited.jpg

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